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For best results, please follow these recom-
Keep all switch contacts in their“OFF” position
for all operations.
Wave soldering: recommended solder tempe-
rature at 500 F (260 ºC) max. 5 seconds.
Care should be exercised so that flux from the
upper part of the printed circuit board does not
adhere to the switch.
Do not clean the switch body except with top
tape sealed type, which can only spray of clea-
ning method from top s/w.
Hand soldering: use a soldering iron of 30
Watts or less, controlled at 608 ºF (320 ºC)
approximately 2 seconds while applying solder.
Cleaning process: flux clean using force rinse,
high agitation or triple bath cleaning method.
Freon TF or TE give excellent results. When
vapor methods are used, do not subject the
switch to solvents at temperature above 125 ºF
(51 ºC).
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